Need to Sell Your House In Jacksonville FL?

We Buy Houses In Any Condition. No Realtor, No Commission Fees, No Repairs. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Below!

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We Buy Houses In Jacksonville FL

Sell Your House In Jacksonville FL And Pay No Agent Fees, No Repairs, 100% FREE! Find Out How We Buy Your House!

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ALKO Investment, is an efficient, sensible and trustworthy house buying company that offers better cash options for house sellers in FL. We’re a local home buyers in FL that aim to solve almost any home sellers situation and are serious about buying your home . We are not only professional, skillful and honest, but also caring. No commissionsno closing costs, no repairs, no agents, no fees.  

We Sold Their Houses And This Is What They Say…

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Anthony L.

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Austin H.

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Afaf K.

speed is everything when selling a home that's why we're here to help.

We Buy Any Houses, Any Condition, Anywhere in FL

I’m Konti Leci, and together with our team, we will do our best to bring you an offer that works! Just fill in the form below to get your offer started. Remember, it’s 100% FREE and never any obligation to accept.

We Offer An Easy Solution!

“Konti was very professional, helpful throughout the whole process. He always answered my calls and answered all my questions with patience. He did exactly what he said he would do. Thank you, Konti.”

-Anthony Lewis

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We Can Buy Your Florida Home & Offer An Easy Solution

Avoid paying agent commissions & closing costs, worrying about open houses, or expensive house restorations – we got you covered. We buy properties all over Jacksonville FL no matter what the situation or condition is for selling:

Vacant House? Relocating?

Damaged House Due To Mold, Water, & Fire?

Bad Tenants?

Extensive Repairs Needed?

Need To Avoid Foreclosure?

Selling An Inherited Property?

How Do I Sell My Home In Jacksonville FL Fast & Easy?

Selling your Jacksonville FL home for cash is quite easy. That is because we cut out the uncertainties, hassles, and stress of selling with an agent . We do our best to bring you an offer that works! Selling your home has never been this fast and easy.

See our How It Works Page

Learn how we formulate your offer. We show you an actual offer we made on a house we bought in cash!

Know Our Company

We know you are not going to pick just anyone to work with. So, get to know us a bit! 

Ask For Your All-Cash Offer

We will not waste your time. Fill in any of our forms and receive your offer. We told you, Easy as 1 2 3

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“I’m looking for someone who could help me sell my house in Jacksonville FAST and EASY. I just want to sell my house without experiencing the hassle of waiting for months and not knowing if the house will sell. I just want to sell my house quickly and be happy knowing that I’ve got the best deal!”

~Do You Find Selling Your House Too Stressful?

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered!

You’re House Sold in 15 DAYS!

We buy houses, apartments or condos and you won’t even have to pay agent fees, or expensive closing costs. We’ve even got the cleaning covered for you. Leave your worries to us. That’s right! You won’t have to worry about the cleaning, repairs, and the hassle of waiting for long periods. What we want is for you to sell your house quickly and easily and get the best deal for you!

Choose your closing date and leave with CASH in your hand.

If you need to sell fast, listing with an agent is not always an option. Foreclosure, dealing with a divorce, fed up being a landlord, behind on taxes, house is vacant or occupied, even if it is uninhabitable, it does not matter! We can buy your house no matter what situation is.  

Cash For Your Jacksonville House – FAST & QUICK!

We will buy your house just the way it is. We buy your Jacksonville FL house quickly no matter what situation you may be facingliens, code violations, taxes/mortgages.

No matter how big the repair is needed, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it will cost you nothing! Remember that the worse the condition of your house is, the more excited we get!

a distressed house

A Better Way To Sell Your FL House!

Sell your house, apartment, multi-family, or condo to us and you won’t even need to clean. We are not here to judge, we simply want to make your selling experience the best it can possibly be when you sell your house to ALKO Investment!

Offer Within 30 Minutes!

You will get your offer right after the walk-through, and we’ll show how we calculate your offer. Total Transparency.

Our Services Are Free, We Pay Closing Cost!

Just fill in the form, and we’ll present you with our offer. No obligation to accept.

No Need To Clean!

Take what you want, leave the rest. We’ll take care of it all.

Make No Repairs, We Buy As Is!

Offer will likely be higher if we do not have to undo, and then redo repairs you make. We look a the potential, not at the “as is”.

No Realtors, No Agents, NO COMMISSIONS!

We do not involve agents or realtors in the buying process. This means, No Agent Fees For You To Pay!

Already Got An Offer? Let Us Try To Beat It!

We really give the highest offers around. We are confident we can beat any offer, or at least we’ll try.

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distresses house

No matter how bad the condition and the situation of your home is we will make sure that you’ll get the best offer and leave with cash in your hands. Don’t worry about all the works, from dirty floors, toilets, damaged furniture, trashes, food inside the fridge, unused clothes because we got your back when you sell your home to “ALKO Investment” !

We Will Do Our Best To Bring You An Offer That Works!

Aside from the fact that Konti is an extremely knowledgeable individual, he is probably the one of the most genuine people you will work with. He makes it his priority to ensure his clients are taken care of. Konti, thank you for being loyal, and accommodating. I am very fortunate to be able to speak so highly on his behalf.

Aleydis S. Jacksonville FL

I would like to give you a huge Thank you Konti, for being the caring individual that you are. I am really grateful and appreciative to have worked with such an incredible person who consistently puts the needs of others before his own individual needs. Konti is a very knowledgeable, God fearing, resilient person and I am so ever grateful to have met you. It is comforting to know that you are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your customers are always FIRST!

Miguel Z.
Jacksonville FL

Konti is a highly reputable real estate investor and agent in the NE Florida area. He helped my wife and I purchase our first home, and the transaction was as smooth as any we could have imagined. Knowledgeable, proactive, and trustworthy. Konti and Alko Investment LLC gets our highest recommendation.

Ron R. Jacksonville FL

Just Like Them…

We Want To Put A SMILE On Your Face Too!

We Value Working With You!

Alko Investment LLC Mission and Core Values
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We know you'll be happy too! No risks. no obligations. everything 100% free.

The Best Way To Sell Your House In Jacksonville FL Fast!

Alko Investment LLC, is a Home Cash Buying team in Jacksonville FL with verified and impressive number of Google reviews. We buy houses in all six counties in Florida (Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, Nassau County, Baker County, and Putnam County). Whether you are trying to avoid foreclosure, inherited a property you do not want, dealing with a divorce, or are fed up being a landlord dealing with tenants, we can help. If you need to sell your house in Florida fast, we offer cash for homes in Jacksonville FL!